Dan Raza, 'Drifting' in the '04

Brit: "When Dan visits, he walks around Austin with his guitar and just plays." Me: "Wait, he doesn't even get a cab?"

Brit: "No. He just walks. It's his thing."

From the moment Brit and I had this conversation, I knew I had to capture this with my camera.

Dan Raza is a singer/songwriter from the UK. He is quiet and modest, with honest eyes and a voice that can make any music lover stop and listen. I was introduced to him last year by my girlfriend and her family. A longtime Texas music fan, Raza has made arrangements to come across the pond to visit several times in the past year.

After shooting a live gig at a local Austin coffee shop, we made plans to bring this idea to fruition. We took a walk down South Congress one evening, and this is what came of it.

Be sure to check out his music in the links below, you won't be disappointed.




All images are ©Skyking Photography

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