Analog Trip.

So I hooked up with Mike Propst to continue the visual branding of his new musical project.

Various Reasons is a one-man band whose music evokes a Gary Numan-esque style along with other 80' synth-pop talent.

About the concept:  I've been collecting cassette tapes for a while wanting to somehow work them into a shoot.  When Mike approached me about his musical vision and wanting to create something visually to go along with his new sound,  I was intrigued.  I sat down immediately and drew up a few comps for him and that's when the concept came to me.  When I showed him the comp, and explained my intentions,  'to shoot with lots of contrast to give it some punch,' we agreed on the idea and set out to make it a reality.

About Mike's vision:  "The thing with analog synthesizers, at the time, there really wasn't a chance for people to explore what they could do, digital synths and samplers came around in the mid-80's and people just kind of ditched their old, clunky, weird synths with out exploring everything they could do, so... bringing that kind of thing back to a semi-pop... I'm also trying to do something that people will actually want to come see and dance to it as well."

-Mike Propst


Check him out here: