Storm's A Comin'

Eight months ago I walked into Austin Kickboxing Academy, not sure what to expect, but eager to find out what this place was all about. Forty-five minutes later, fueled by endorphins, adrenaline and soaked in sweat, I noticed fairly decent-sized knot had formed on my right shin from repeated roundhouse kicks to the heavy bag. "Take an Epsom salt bath when you get home, you'll be fine," a woman's voice said; the same voice that had been instructing me on my 1's, 2's and 3's throughout the session.  

It wasn't until weeks later (yes, I kept going back) that I learned this voice belonged to Tessa "The Typhoon" Simpson.

Fast forward to mid-July 2016, where I find myself during an extended lunch break documenting her training session in preparation for her July 29th Atomweight bout against Simona Soukupova at Invicta FC 18. 

It was an honor and a privilege to be behind the lens for this one and trust me when I say I'm glad I wasn't opposite her during this training session!  Best of luck Coach Tessa!!!