Lastest Music Project with Carrie and the Cut Snakes "Wild".

I love every opportunity I get to work with Austin Musicians.  Be it live, in the studio or on location; or in this case to be asked do all 3 and put it together, creating the EP artwork  for an amazing group of musicians.  Carrie, Shaun, Jared and Patrick...

My latest project with Carrie and the Cut Snakes was an unforgettable one. 

I want to thank each one of you for the opportunity to work together.

And a special mention to Carrie whose 1 year task it was to come to Austin, Tx all the way from Australia, get a band together and record an EP before heading back to Oz.  What an amazing journey for you and I was proud to get to be a part of it!

The EP "Wild" can be found at Waterloo Records, Antone's and Encore around town in Austin

You can also go to for the digital download.

So with out further ado..

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