Handmaids at the Texas Capitol

Members and volunteers of NARAL dressed as Handmaids to protest legislation restricting reproductive rights, and to raise awareness in an effort to bridge the knowledge gap on this particular topic.

Based on the novel "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's character is one of a class of women kept for reproductive purposes by the ruling class.  These women dress in a red habit that completely conceals their shape, plus red shoes and red gloves. They wear white wings around their heads to prevent them from seeing or being seen except when standing directly in front of a person.


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Storm's A Comin'

Eight months ago I walked into Austin Kickboxing Academy, not sure what to expect, but eager to find out what this place was all about. Forty-five minutes later, fueled by endorphins, adrenaline and soaked in sweat, I noticed fairly decent-sized knot had formed on my right shin from repeated roundhouse kicks to the heavy bag. "Take an Epsom salt bath when you get home, you'll be fine," a woman's voice said; the same voice that had been instructing me on my 1's, 2's and 3's throughout the session.  

It wasn't until weeks later (yes, I kept going back) that I learned this voice belonged to Tessa "The Typhoon" Simpson.

Fast forward to mid-July 2016, where I find myself during an extended lunch break documenting her training session in preparation for her July 29th Atomweight bout against Simona Soukupova at Invicta FC 18. 

It was an honor and a privilege to be behind the lens for this one and trust me when I say I'm glad I wasn't opposite her during this training session!  Best of luck Coach Tessa!!!


Cautiontape "Shines" at the 39th Annual Pecan Street Festival!

Another beautiful spring day in Austin, TX and another killer performance by Cautiontape!

Special thanks to Ryan Cano for putting together the amazing list of bands that performed and to Jojo McCray with Beauty By Jo for doing such a bang up job on Brit's hair and makeup! As always, the band appreciates their friends and fans, old and new, for showing up and rocking out!


P. S. Welcome back Ash!!!

Brian and Jessie.

I met Brian a few years ago while working at the capital photographing the 83rd session for the House of Representatives. 

I knew early on the he and I were to become good friends and after 140 days and a couple "Special Sessions" we were just that.

Brian and I continued to stay in touch with the occasional happy hour and Brit and I were thrilled to have him shoot our wedding in October of 2014.  So when he told me a few months later that he and is soulmate Jessie were going to get married, we wanted to do him a solid and return the favor!

We wish the very best for these two, and couldn't be more happy to have been there to capture this special day for them!  Here are a few of the highlights from that day, enjoy!

Peace and Love,

Kyle and Brit

Cautiontape @ Lamberts 2/18/16

No words, just pictures

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Brother Wolf and the Carnivores celebrate the new EP "Life is War"

Brother Wolf stopped by to celebrate the upcoming release of their first EP "Life is War".  A few beers and a whole lot of holi powder and well, you can see the results, This was was a ton a fun to shoot and these guys were a blast to work with! 


Set to release September 4th, you can stay tuned for more details on where to pick up your copy with the links below along with upcoming shows and other goods.  Until then, enjoy these!

Twitter: @brotherwolfATX

Fcacebook: https://www.facebook.com/brotherwolf?fref=ts

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Matt & Steph: Riding into the Sunset

When you love what you see, you take the time to savor all the other visual details of the moment, and your other senses take a back seat for just a few seconds until they all begin to register.  It's like your body and your very being wants to take note and to never forget this moment in time.  Those great moments make me realize photography is a lot like being in love.  And when you love something, it becomes a passion and you are overcome by the obsession to pay attention to every detail. For Steph & Matt, it's no different.

So when I was asked to photograph them, I knew I wanted to capture what they love and how they feel about their passions, one passion in particular.  It was the perfect situation for Brit and I to document this: their engagement session.

We hit the road on a Sunday afternoon and headed out Highway 45 with Matt, Steph and Matt’s '47 Knucklehead and well,  we'll just let the images tell the rest of the story...

The happy couple will be married this September in a ghost town near Austin. Congrats to Steph & Matt, we love you guys and are proud to call you both family!

Kyle & Brit

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Vain Salon

Sneak peek at my latest bit of work with my friends over at Vain Salon. 

Such a great experience working on this project and I want to thank everyone involved, models, stylists and my lovely assistant, Brit!  Great job, ladies!!!

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Lastest Music Project with Carrie and the Cut Snakes "Wild".

I love every opportunity I get to work with Austin Musicians.  Be it live, in the studio or on location; or in this case to be asked do all 3 and put it together, creating the EP artwork  for an amazing group of musicians.  Carrie, Shaun, Jared and Patrick...

My latest project with Carrie and the Cut Snakes was an unforgettable one. 

I want to thank each one of you for the opportunity to work together.

And a special mention to Carrie whose 1 year task it was to come to Austin, Tx all the way from Australia, get a band together and record an EP before heading back to Oz.  What an amazing journey for you and I was proud to get to be a part of it!

The EP "Wild" can be found at Waterloo Records, Antone's and Encore around town in Austin

You can also go to carrieandthecutsnakes.com for the digital download.

So with out further ado..

untitled (4 of 4).jpg

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Analog Trip.

So I hooked up with Mike Propst to continue the visual branding of his new musical project.

Various Reasons is a one-man band whose music evokes a Gary Numan-esque style along with other 80' synth-pop talent.

About the concept:  I've been collecting cassette tapes for a while wanting to somehow work them into a shoot.  When Mike approached me about his musical vision and wanting to create something visually to go along with his new sound,  I was intrigued.  I sat down immediately and drew up a few comps for him and that's when the concept came to me.  When I showed him the comp, and explained my intentions,  'to shoot with lots of contrast to give it some punch,' we agreed on the idea and set out to make it a reality.

About Mike's vision:  "The thing with analog synthesizers, at the time, there really wasn't a chance for people to explore what they could do, digital synths and samplers came around in the mid-80's and people just kind of ditched their old, clunky, weird synths with out exploring everything they could do, so... bringing that kind of thing back to a semi-pop... I'm also trying to do something that people will actually want to come see and dance to it as well."

-Mike Propst


Check him out here: http://variousreasons.com/

Dunn Day, The Final Chapter.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when moving forward brings about tough decisions. Moving to Houston was one of these decisions for our close friends, Ryan and Tiana.

We have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know and becoming good friends with this couple and they have been such an important part of mine and Brit’s lives over the past year.  We love them dearly.

 And of course, leave it to them to throw one of the best parties of the year to bid them adieu. Our entire group of friends gathered for a final “Dunn Day” in their backyard on May 24, 2014.

Music, smiles, dogs, babies, tears, beers and impressive pig roast….

 While they will only be few hours away, we will miss these two dearly. This backyard holds plenty of memories… They’re such a great model of what good friends should be.

"We hate that you’re moving but we love that you're moving to Houston.”

Peace, love and best wishes...

Kyle & Brit

Cautiontape hits the studio With Robert Harrison for their for thier first EP!

Cautiontape in the studio With Robert Harrison for their first EP!

I tagged along with Cautiontape last weekend as they trekked to the hill country to record their first EP.

If the name sounds familiar, it should.  Robert, frontman of Cotton Mather and Future Clouds and Radar, has worked with the likes of Nicole Atkins and toured with Oasis and others.  You can learn more about his musical endeavors by visiting www.starapplekingdom.com

Cautiontape stepped foot for the first time in-studio as a band, where Robert acted as producer and recording engineer. They will return in the near future to put the finishing touches on the EP.

To stay up-to-date with the band's recording adventure, visit: www.thisiscautiontape.com

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Great Hair + Great music = Great live music shots.  Enjoy!

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